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Jul 28, 2019
I was bringing a group of ladies from Achievement Club to the dive tank as part of a challenge to overcome their fears.
And then I faced mine: the dive instructor didn’t show up.
Now, I can tell you this with all certainty. I never ask people do something I wouldn’t do. So I am no fraidy of heights and I know how to dive.
But suddenly I alone was responsible for 11 women of all different ability levels. Some had never been face-first in the water ever. Most had never jumped off a 3-metre platform, never mind a 5, 7 or (FML) 10 metre.
The biggest challenge I face daily, is knowing when to push my members, when to listen, when to talk, when to give them space. And the beautiful part of being human is that everyone is different. So I have mere moments to read and assess whether someone needs a kick in the ass or a pep talk or silence or Kanye lyrics. (No one gets a shove from the top of the platform, I promise.)
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Don't Suck at Sucking, Friend.

Jul 14, 2019

First things first: I am a terrible singer. I cannot transition from my head voice to my chest voice or whatever you call it so most of the time I sing straight from my nostrils.


Second thing you need to know: O Canada is my favourite song in the history of ever.


Third: when I was younger my dream was to be the anthem singer but you can see the problem therein. Do you know what I AM good at though? Embracing the suck. I am awesome at failing. So when I decided to audition to be an anthem singer “for fun” and the Calgary Flames let me sing “for fun” {seriously it was SO FUN} the following year I had one of my most successful years to date.


The anthem experience that the Calgary Flames gave me had nothing to do with my talent and everything to do with attitude. Plus, I make REAL anthem singers way less nervous.


The first time you do anything you are going to suck. But the first time is necessary to get to the 43rd time which...

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Critical Thinking - Mission Critical

Jul 09, 2019

When we believe something we often look for evidence that it is true so we can feel right, and so we can also feel rested in having made a decision.

Thinking about things is harrrrrrrrd you guyzzz.

Our brains have so much comin' at 'em that they just want to simplify things, ya know?

But here's the problem: when we are always looking for information that confirms what we already believe we are curating our own demise.

Interestingly, facts are not helping us in these divisive times. Questions are.

When we ask things like "is it possible..." and "what are the consequences of..." and we stay open and we generally listen, we have the power to converse in ways that will transform us all.

Can we challenge ourselves this week with one little thing? When someone states something on the crazy internet that you disagree with, instead of coming at them with an artillery of facts, can you try and ask them questions like "is it possible that..." and "what is your stance on..." and "tell me more...

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But I Mean, Now It's Pretty Cool That I Share A Stage With Tony.

Jul 05, 2019

These are firewalking feet! 

The first fire walk I did was with Tony Robbins in San Jose along with my friends Derek and Tammy. I can't remember what we paid all those years ago...but between flights, hotels, food and tickets to the multi-day event, it was definitely in the thousands. 

And it was worth EVERY AMERICAN CENT. 

The event, UPW or Unleash the Power Within, changed my life dramatically. It wasn't a rah-rah jump-up-and-down seminar for me. It was a total immersion in my own bullshit, a rewriting of my story, an exercise in leaving fear behind, and seeing what I was capable of. What has happened in the years that followed could not have occurred without the radical shift that Tony invited me to. Going to the event had nothing to do with "seeing Tony Robbins." 

It had everything to do with showing up for myself.


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Your Story

Jul 02, 2019

One of the most powerful things I learned was that while I am not in control of everything that happens to me, I am in control of the meaning I give it.

Experiencing life with the understanding that I am authoring this story of mine has allowed me to make brave decisions because rather than “seeing what happens” and *reacting* to this life, am rooting for the main characters in this book to win.

When I could conceive that obstacles were not the end, and merely a chapter, it made them easier to overcome. When I understood that I could write the antagonist out of a plot simply by changing the decisions my main character makes, my storyline flowed.

When I realized that I had the choice to make a circumstance kill the principle character or make her stronger, I started looking for creative ways she could overcome things, rather than questioning if she would.

I do not know what you are going through today, friend. But I just wanted to remind you that you are holding the pen.


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I'm Amazed I Even Found This Many Words

Jun 28, 2019

Through my career in broadcasting I have met many celebrities. I don't get star-struck but there have been a few people I've met whose work has impacted me so greatly that a real-life encounter has left me forever-better.

I've tried many times to explain what happened for me the night I met Oprah but only tears appear. I think I was expecting a cool experience and an instagram-worthy photo but what I received was a profound moment of love and healing. A private soul-to-soul whisper. A moment that can only be described as one I had no idea I even needed.

I'll tell you about it over tea sometime if it comes up. But being unable to find the words to explain what happened has been a great reminder that sometimes the best moments of our lives can stay close to our hearts for safe-keeping.


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When You Conquer This Fear, You Can Do Anything.

Jun 24, 2019

Recently I coached 13 Achievement Club members as they conquered one of the top human fears: public speaking.

The homework I gave was not easy but it was designed for excellence. There was no room for procrastination. There was no room for winging it.

They were encouraged to be real and raw, but they had to be prepared.

I could not have been more proud! I threw them many obstacles that they overcame, and the biggest was "oh by the way, yeah, you are speaking on stage with THE Mark Groves and it's to a sold out crowd."

Thank you to our giant and heart-filled Achievement Club community who are the most enthusiastic life-cheerleaders you'll ever meet. 

We're going next-level my friends.

And you might be getting on stage with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis

Register at www.powertoinfluence.ca for access if you want more confidence in your ability to communicate. 

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Hot. Mess. Yoga.

Apr 30, 2019

If you do not have air conditioning and you are ok if I run your shower to steam up the bathroom while I lay on the floor in Supta Baddha Konasana pose and cry, I’m looking to save money on my restorative yoga practice.



I love everything about yoga.

I love when friends nail that headstand they've been working on forever.

I love when the dude in the shortyshorts falls asleep and snores.

I love when the pretty lady rolls out of that shoulder stand and farts so suddenly she is just as surprised as the rest of us.

I love that it is a place where people can be. 

I want you to always feel that being you is enough, and if you haven't been surrounded by people who show you that to be true, then your dreams and your life and your exact-how-you-are-self-in-this-moment-now are welcome here.

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