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When you master your finances, you change your family’s life. 


Pamie sent me a screenshot of this text message her parents sent her. 


Years ago, when Pamie was single, she decided to kill her debt load. 


She got out of debt, got married, started a business from her phone, and manages her cashflow online while raising her brilliant 10-month old daughter. 


Being able to talk to your family about money brings freedom. Being able to make decisions in the best interest of your family brings freedom. Being able to teach your children about money brings generations of freedom. 


It was fun to see this screenshot from proud parents who are part of a legacy of love and freedom for their grandchildren. It’s hilarious to be recognized on a national talk show by parents of a graduate of our program! 


You can catch my segment on the Marilyn Denis Show, buy the book at your local bookstore and join the online community at


PS — Marilyn Denis is even more magnificent than you can imagine and absolutely Canada’s greatest icon. 


PPS -- Hi Pamie’s Mom and Dad! 👋 I hope life is treating you well way over on the East Coast! 

You can read about your daughter’s accomplishments in the book!

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