The White in Shining Armour - Kimber is her own financial hero

best mortgage rates debt free living erin kelly mortgages mortgage broker Mar 07, 2022
I started working with this amazing woman a few years ago. We set goals together, laughed a lot and had a few fun adventures. Then she decided she wanted to be a homeowner, but she had a vision for how it would go:
-she wanted to put a large down payment together so that her payments would feel easy
-she wanted a home she could really LIVE in. She works in health care so having space to nourish her body, in a community she can move her body, and occasionally relax on a patio with a glass of wine was really important to her. (And let's be serious...our health care workers deserve EVERYTHING they want!)
-and she wanted a white kitchen. (In some cities, this is near impossible to find when the majority of homes were built during maple-shaker season!)
People told her she would never do it. Some of her friends wrongly assumed she had help from family members. 
She focused on her dream without giving up her day to day happiness. She got the hell out of debt. She invested in herself. And when it was time to pull the trigger, she called me to put the mortgage together for her.
Today, she’s a homeowner.
Because she was so smart when it came to her money (and patient) she is saving $42,263.39 upfront in interest over the average bear.
And…mark my words! She will be mortgage-free in no time.
Congratulations, Kimber! You are an inspiration to women everywhere! 💛

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