Directional vs Supporting Activities when it comes to your goals

directional activity get the hell out of debt supporting activity vanessa mcwilliams Jun 28, 2021

This incredible woman you see here is Vanessa.

She sent me a note that said she is massively committed to her fitness and her finances this year, and she was in her basement doing a workout. The only thing is: the workout requires a skipping rope, and she didn't have one.

The one she had her eye on was approximately $30, and she almost spent the money, but then she realized that buying a skipping is not actually going to get her closer to her goals. 

This is because it is not a DIRECTIONAL activity. My friend Rael Kalley coined this phrase and I think it is the best way to describe how some of us spin our wheels when it comes to achieving goals. In order to get ourselves closer to a goal, we have to take direct action towards the goal. It requires bravery, vulnerability and often breaking inertia. This is what is known as a directional activity.

A supporting activity is one that allows us to FEEL like we are moving toward a goal but doesn't actually get us closer. How you know if something is truly a supporting activity? If you repeat it consistently, would you have the results you want? i.e. if Vanessa buys a skipping rope every day, she will not be any fitter, but she will have a plethora of skipping ropes. And likely a depleted bank account.

She decided to improvise, and instead used some basic kitchen utensils to complete her workout. I think she rocked it, what do you think? 

You can read more about supporting activities and directional activities in Get the Hell Out of Debt.



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PPS. Free Britney.

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