Time Blocking vs Task Blocking

Mar 28, 2020
Remember that if you are at home with kids, and you are trying to maintain some sort of sanity with kids, you may need to switch from time-blocking to task-blocking.
It's all well and good that you create a schedule but here's the thing about those littles, they do not give a rip about snack time at 2pm if their bellies are rumbling for goldfish at 1:20.
Time-Blocking is organizing your life based on specific times in the day. This is useful when you are coordinating schedules. Dentist Appointments. School pick-ups and drop-offs. Booking your clients etc.
Task-Blocking is breaking your must-get-dones into tasks that can be done in chunks of time. Think of it like a to-do list that you can cross off. {Maybe there's no way in tarnation you are getting a 45 minute workout in with your kids, but there might be a few 15 minute chunks you can start and stop an exercise video.} Your goal becomes simply to cross the things off the list but who cares if teeth get...
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