But I Mean, Now It's Pretty Cool That I Share A Stage With Tony.

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2019

These are firewalking feet! 

The first fire walk I did was with Tony Robbins in San Jose along with my friends Derek and Tammy. I can't remember what we paid all those years ago...but between flights, hotels, food and tickets to the multi-day event, it was definitely in the thousands. 

And it was worth EVERY AMERICAN CENT. 

The event, UPW or Unleash the Power Within, changed my life dramatically. It wasn't a rah-rah jump-up-and-down seminar for me. It was a total immersion in my own bullshit, a rewriting of my story, an exercise in leaving fear behind, and seeing what I was capable of. What has happened in the years that followed could not have occurred without the radical shift that Tony invited me to. Going to the event had nothing to do with "seeing Tony Robbins." 

It had everything to do with showing up for myself.



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