Making A New Declaration

get the hell out of debt Jun 26, 2020


One of the most difficult things to master when it comes to money, is keeping our word to ourselves. The reason most people fall into debt has less to do with what *happened* to them, and more to do with the fact that they struggle with boundaries.


Kathryn has been mastering boundaries like a pro. She decided to focus with intensity this year on a personal financial goal, and she is determined to take it across the finish line. 

I teach something called ' the Squeeze ' and it has to do with taking extra money and putting it directly on the 'cell' you are working on.

(If you are paying off debt, you are eradicating a loan or debt from the liability column of your net worth spreadsheet and if you are building wealth, you are purchasing an investment to increase the asset side of your net worth spreadsheet. You can download mine free here if you want more information.) 


So today, Kathryn did this. 

She found $0.35 and she decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and that she wasn't messing around. She took that money directly to the bank and applied it to the debt that makes her 'spicy.' You know what I'm talking about if you carry consumer debt. It's the one debt that annoys you the most! 

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

1. You can save up loose change and take it to the bank when you have a substantial amount of it. But here's what most people do. They start dipping their paws into the loose change whenever the ice cream truck rolls around and thereby dishonor their word to themselves. The most important thing if you are going to save up your coins is to GIVE THOSE COINS a dang job. DECLARE what they are for with your words and honor that with your actions.

2. You can be a bad*ass like Kathryn if there are no outrageous bank fees for using a teller and you can take that dang $0.35 directly to the bank and put it on the cell you are working on.


So admittedly I had a good giggle when I saw this come up on facebook, because I'm the woman who has paid her income taxes $6.69 at a time via online banking when things were tough, so I KNOW the power of many small consistent payments over time.


But this is not about math. 

This is about Kathryn saying "OK. ENOUGH OF THESE OLD PATTERNS. ENOUGH OF THESE OLD HABITS. I'M BREAKING THIS OLD WAY OF THINKING AND I AM PROVING TO MY MONEY THAT I AM THE BOSS OF IT!" And then she cracked her whip and strutted into the bank in her thigh-high stilettos. Just kidding. I think she had jeans and flats on. BUT SHE HAD SWAGGER AND THAT IS MY POINT.

She changed the trajectory of her life with that one bold move. Sometimes it takes doing the thing that we never think we'd do, and facing the people with our $0.35 that we'd never thought we'd face and making SOME sort of progress toward our goal to totally and radically change our lives. 

I'll update you on her situation in a few months. But mark my words, today she changed her life and strengthened her personal integrity. 





I have permission to share this story, and you can learn more about the program Get the Hell Out of Debt here. 

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