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If you want to offer feedback, share a victory story, or simply say thank you, the best way to do this is with the hashtag #getthehelloutofdebt on social media. We are always cheering you on!

Our team's favorite thing is when you share your success with us. Click here and record your words in your own voice. Your testimonial could be featured on the podcast or in the audio version of my next book!  

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I send out stories and information once in a while. I would love to tell you that I am a regular, disciplined newsletter writer, but I really only do it when it is critical. I try and stay off tech as much as possible, and it would be incongruent of me to be sending you daily newsletters, keeping you on tech if I believe a well-lived life requires disconnection from screens now and then. If you are a member of the online course Get the Hell Out of Debt, you'll hear from me more frequently as I send out Zoom links to our live calls.

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What did we do before text messaging? If you want to text with me, fill out this form. I will add you to my contacts! 

And YES, it really is me. I send my own texts. I do all my own stunts, too. 

Speaking, Podcasts & Media

Speaking: I would love to speak at your event. You'll work with Keri to coordinate all the details. She can be reached at [email protected]

Podcasts: I'd love to say yes to your podcast. What we will need is a clear indication of how long your typical episodes are, and some information on who your audience is and what they need. Keri handles all this at the same email above.

Media: As a former member of the media, I remember what it was like trying to book guests for interviews. I will do my best to say yes but same-day requests are tough. (Try me anyway! You never know!) If you can book ahead, you'll do that through Keri at [email protected]

Media Kit: Interested in getting more information on Erin's new book, Get the Hell Out of Debt?  You can find a full media kit here. 


Books & Courses

Free Stuff: You can access free resources at

Courses: Our two flagship courses are Get the Hell Out of Debt or How to Teach Your Kids About Money.

Bulk Purchases (USA delivery): If you need books by the case, you can contact or your local bookseller.

Bulk Purchases (Canada): If you need books by the case, you'll get them here: or your local bookseller.

If you are just buying one, please remember to support your local independent bookstore! If you are an independent bookstore and you carry Get the Hell Out of Debt, let us know. Once a month we randomly choose a bookstore to send some swag to!

Book Clubs

I would love to speak to your book club! If you are a book nerd, you are my people! If we can make this work I will do this, no matter the size of the club. I am more likely to say yes if I can do this in my pajamas from home, where I can log off and immediately hang out with my kids. Submit your request to Keri at [email protected] because if you haven't figured out by now, she is the boss of me. 

Financial Advice

I know it can be tempting to write me to ask a 'quick question' but I do not give personal financial advice. It is always best to seek out a qualified professional in your area who is familiar with the tax laws where you reside, and ensure you can get thorough answers based on your unique financial circumstances. We do not reply to emails for financial advice. I commend you for taking control of your financial situation and encourage you to continue reading great books and asking your financial planner great questions as you build your wealth.

Collabs, Affiliates & Promotions

I am not an influencer, so you will be wasting your time if you approach me to sell or market your stuff. I am so humbled and honored you would think of me, and I truly appreciate that you took the time to read this before you tried contacting my team. Thank you for respecting my boundaries. If this ever changes, I will let you know! From time to time, I will share products that I have a personal connection to but my primary concern is protecting my community as they boldly go after their financial goals.

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