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directional activity erin kelly mortgages spending hangover Jan 18, 2022

Hello! We have lots of new eyeballs reading this today, so I thought I would share a few random things. 👀

To be clear, no one I know actually received new eyeballs.  😎

But I very much appreciate when you get your friends and family to sign up for this weekly bit of inbox fun (and they can do that by going to ErinSkyeKelly.com) 

OK, here are a few rando facts about me and the point of this is not to talk about myself, the point is to also get to know about YOU! Reply back with some YOU-THINGS because I'm buying someone's coffee. 

Skye is not my middle name

It's actually my last name! It's legit on my birth certificate (even though it wasn't my birth name...that's a story for another day). I never liked the look of a hyphen so it's just Skye Kelly. There's a useless piece of trivia for you.

I am a licensed mortgage associate

Yes, I can help you with your mortgage! If you are Canadian, that is. And because there is no charge to use a mortgage broker in Canada, if you want me to run your numbers and see what shakes out, I have a team happy to do that. (Because of my travel schedule, I have licensed associates who will do everything from gather your paperwork to help you close the deal.) It's important to me that your experience is flawless! Email me at [email protected] if you want to learn more, or if you want to come my next (free!) mortgage zoom webinar. (licensed with DLC Mortgage Excellence)


If you are an American friend, or you are from somewhere else in the world, I still give mortgage tips from an Education standpoint throughout the Get the Hell Out of Debt course and to our community at large.

I'm obsessed with British Quiz Shows

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year for 2021 was hilarious. You can watch it here if you love inappropriate British humour and nostalgia. This is my treadmill guilty pleasure


Starbucks is my addiction.

The regular drink I order is a chai latte, otherwise I prefer to visit independent coffee shops. However, I haven't had one since Christmas Eve and I'm working to break this decades-long habit. Or at least be not as obsessed with it. I'm also giving away a Starbucks gift card this month, so to win it, you simply need to email us at [email protected] and tell me some random things about YOU! We're drawing at the end of the month. 


I carry a pink notebook in my pocket

I buy them in packs of three. I carry around my to-do list and cross things off in there. I do also use the notes section of my phone if I have to do something digitally that requires a link. I love getting to the end of the notebook, and transferring the last page into the fresh new book. One book is about 4-months of to-do-ing.


I aim to invest every day.

You'll read about this in my next book, but every single day I look for opportunities to transfer money into one of my investments. Sometimes it is a healthy chunk, and sometimes it's only a few bucks. I deposit the most I can every day. I'll sell stuff I'm not using on kijiji and deposit that money if I need to. The act of doing it is a directional activity for those of you who speak 'TransformationWeekendese' 


I have the cure for holiday spending hangovers!

We're having a live Facebook conversation Monday at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern for members of our online community no matter what Phase they are in!

Phase One: just getting started with financial organization

Phase Two: rapidly paying off debt

Phase Three: consumer debt-free and building wealth

If you want to join us, make sure you are in the Get the Hell Out of Debt community!  I'll be live in our Facebook community.

We're going to talk about how to recover if you've overspent during the holidays, and tips and tricks for increasing your net worth in 2022!

Hey! Have you purchased your copy of Get the Hell Out of Debt from your favorite bookseller yet? I always prefer you support an independent bookstore if your area. But if there isn't one...

take me to the book!

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