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OK but Erin, help me out...

Where do I start?

The Get the Hell Out of Debt podcast is in its fourth season, so feel free to start at the beginning, peruse through the episode descriptions for whichever content will most help you in this moment, or check out some of our favorite episodes below:

Season 4, Ep 2

Amy Young talks about her money story, and all the ways our unconscious beliefs about money and debt affect women. Women must stop glorifying ‘busy’ and Amy shares how important it is to listen to your inner knowing before a fast-pace life causes you to crash and burn.

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Season 4, Ep 1

A conversation about abundance takes a saucy turn as Kelsey Grant explains the importance of living a regulated, pleasure-based life. This conversation will not only help you improve your relationship with money, it will help you create a baseline of joy in all areas of your life.

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Season 4, Ep 3

Erin chats with author, coach, (and fancy former scientist) Dr. Jeremy Goldberg about finding your happy price that allows you to charge what you are worth and also reach the people you need to reach. We also discuss how difficult it can be to navigate unconscious money stories about men.

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