Critical Thinking - Mission Critical

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2019

When we believe something we often look for evidence that it is true so we can feel right, and so we can also feel rested in having made a decision.

Thinking about things is harrrrrrrrd you guyzzz.

Our brains have so much comin' at 'em that they just want to simplify things, ya know?

But here's the problem: when we are always looking for information that confirms what we already believe we are curating our own demise.

Interestingly, facts are not helping us in these divisive times. Questions are.

When we ask things like "is it possible..." and "what are the consequences of..." and we stay open and we generally listen, we have the power to converse in ways that will transform us all.

Can we challenge ourselves this week with one little thing? When someone states something on the crazy internet that you disagree with, instead of coming at them with an artillery of facts, can you try and ask them questions like "is it possible that..." and "what is your stance on..." and "tell me more about..." and see what happens.

We are shutting down the very hard conversations we need to have more of. Let's love our way through them, friends.



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