Don't Suck at Sucking, Friend.

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019

First things first: I am a terrible singer. I cannot transition from my head voice to my chest voice or whatever you call it so most of the time I sing straight from my nostrils.


Second thing you need to know: O Canada is my favourite song in the history of ever.


Third: when I was younger my dream was to be the anthem singer but you can see the problem therein. Do you know what I AM good at though? Embracing the suck. I am awesome at failing. So when I decided to audition to be an anthem singer “for fun” and the Calgary Flames let me sing “for fun” {seriously it was SO FUN} the following year I had one of my most successful years to date.


The anthem experience that the Calgary Flames gave me had nothing to do with my talent and everything to do with attitude. Plus, I make REAL anthem singers way less nervous. 😂


The first time you do anything you are going to suck. But the first time is necessary to get to the 43rd time which might be the breakthrough number for you. While I was howling my way through the high notes on the ice, I kept thinking WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG THIS IS HILARIOUS AND FUN!


Here’s my unsolicited questionably-inspirational advice for you: suck sooner.






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