When You Conquer This Fear, You Can Do Anything.

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

Recently I coached 13 Achievement Club members as they conquered one of the top human fears: public speaking.

The homework I gave was not easy but it was designed for excellence. There was no room for procrastination. There was no room for winging it.

They were encouraged to be real and raw, but they had to be prepared.

I could not have been more proud! I threw them many obstacles that they overcame, and the biggest was "oh by the way, yeah, you are speaking on stage with THE Mark Groves and it's to a sold out crowd."

Thank you to our giant and heart-filled Achievement Club community who are the most enthusiastic life-cheerleaders you'll ever meet. 

We're going next-level my friends.

And you might be getting on stage with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis

Register at www.powertoinfluence.ca for access if you want more confidence in your ability to communicate. 


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