Hot. Mess. Yoga.

Apr 30, 2019

If you do not have air conditioning and you are ok if I run your shower to steam up the bathroom while I lay on the floor in Supta Baddha Konasana pose and cry, I’m looking to save money on my restorative yoga practice.



I love everything about yoga.

I love when friends nail that headstand they've been working on forever.

I love when the dude in the shortyshorts falls asleep and snores.

I love when the pretty lady rolls out of that shoulder stand and farts so suddenly she is just as surprised as the rest of us.

I love that it is a place where people can be. 

I want you to always feel that being you is enough, and if you haven't been surrounded by people who show you that to be true, then your dreams and your life and your exact-how-you-are-self-in-this-moment-now are welcome here.

Hey! Have you purchased your copy of Get the Hell Out of Debt from your favorite bookseller yet? I always prefer you support an independent bookstore if your area. But if there isn't one...

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