I'm Amazed I Even Found This Many Words

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2019

Through my career in broadcasting I have met many celebrities. I don't get ⭐️star-struck ⭐️but there have been a few people I've met whose work has impacted me so greatly that a real-life encounter has left me forever-better.

I've tried many times to explain what happened for me the night I met Oprah but only tears appear. I think I was expecting a cool experience and an instagram-worthy photo but what I received was a profound moment of love and healing. A private soul-to-soul whisper. A moment that can only be described as one I had no idea I even needed.

I'll tell you about it over tea sometime if it comes up. But being unable to find the words to explain what happened has been a great reminder that sometimes the best moments of our lives can stay close to our hearts for safe-keeping.



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