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Erin Skye Kelly has terrible stage fright, general human awkwardness and yet she manages to sell out her own three day conferences called Transformation Weekend, held annually in Calgary.

What started as a small goal-setting session for employees has grown into a mega-event that helps thousands of Canadians pay off millions of dollars of consumer debt, live in a state of health, fitness and love, take control of their financial futures, and truly experience joy and passion for life.

She’s currently on tour with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis and scouting the next big speaker/influencer through an event called “The Power to Influence.” ⭐️ •
Erin is an advocate for human achievement but has a soft spot for mamas of children with special needs as she herself parents a son on the Awesome Spectrum.

You can find her cheering 24-7 for the men and women in her online community called Achievement Club 🎯where both successes and failures are celebrated, but thousands of goals are achieved.

While all this might *sound* impressive, Erin assures is she is happiest in her sweatpants, messy pony and flipflops. When she’s not on the road, you’ll run into her ordering chai in a local yyc coffee shop where she will be listening to the barista’s life story with unbridled enthusiasm. Please say hello! 👋🏼


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