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Get The Hell Out of Debt

If you are ready to take control of your financial freedom through education, financial literacy, and behavioural change, you can get started right now.



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You can get started today with your internet connection, a notebook and a pen. No complicated systems to learn!


Learn at your own pace! Mark off each lesson as you complete it, and learn from the comfort of your home, office or even when you travel!

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Connect with others who are also learning to get the hell out of debt, and learn from our graduates who are now consumer debt free!


But I've been there. I understand. And you are probably realizing that the money struggles are never about the money. You'll learn practical and tactical ways to get out of debt, but you'll also understand why you ended up here in the first place. It might not be your fault, friend. It is however your grown-up responsibility to fix it. Here's the other amazing thing: when you master this, many other areas of your life will improve too. It's all connected. And it will lead you to freedom.


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You'll learn practical and tactical ways to manage your money and you'll customize a plan that works for you. The #1 comment we get is "I wish I learned this in school!"

You'll discover why you have the money patterns you do, and how to create a new empowering relationship with money. It's not too late!

You'll repeat the skills you learn over and over until you have true mastery over money. You'll no longer be wondering where your money goes every month as you'll be in control!


There are three ways to register for the course. Because we want everyone to have access to this life-changing information, you can register for the course, or you can 'pay-what-you-can.' More information is available by scrolling down.

10 Hour Time Commitment

This Phase is all about planning and preparation and setting you up for long term success. It will take you approximately 2 weeks to complete. You'll commit to 5 hours of videos, and about 5 hours of 'homework!' before you move on to Phase 2! Best practice: give yourself one hour per day of dedicated time to work on Phase One.

5 Hours + A Year (Approximately!)

There are approximately 5 hours of videos in this Phase, and the rest is lather, rinse, repeat while you pay off your debt. A typical graduate completes Phase 2 in 6 months-18 months, and it will depend on your commitment, your consistency and your circumstances. Phase 2 is when you are actively paying off your consumer debt.

Congratulations on the Rest of Your Life!

You'll enter Phase 3 once you have paid off all of your consumer debt! This is also known as the 'wealth-building' phase. You are welcome to watch the videos in this section anytime, but make sure you complete Phase 2 before you do the homework in Phase 3 if you truly want to be financially free for life! 


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If you have lost your job, or you are in deep financial trouble

we still want you to have access to this life-changing course and community. This course costs $99 but if you can't pay the whole amount, or even part of it, and yet you can still commit to doing the work to change your financial future, we invite you to fill out the form to be sponsored.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Hey listen. We get it. We know what it is like to need something so badly and not have a way to pay for it. Because this program is so successful, many graduates participate in a Pay-It-Forward initiative. Meaning, you will be sponsored by a debt-free graduate! A true gift comes with no conditions, so there is no expectation. You can also choose a "Pay-What-You-Can" option if you want to invest in your own education but can't do the full registration fee right now. Simply reach out to our team, and if we can find a sponsor for you, we will let you know via email!


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