10 Years of Life-Changing Weekends

We are now in our 10th year of changing lives. If you are interested in investing in a weekend for yourself, register for a weekend near you, or contact me for a custom quote for a transformational experience for your workplace, community, team or group of friends!


We spend time removing old obstacles and fears, determining your life's purpose, and moving toward a life of success, joy, openness, love and happiness.

You'll get clarity around how to live your life with intention and what specific changes you could make to make your dreams come true. 

This weekend is jam-packed with activity. You will push just a little outside your comfort zones and build confidence.

You'll have the opportunity to create a visual representation of your goals which will become your own personal target.

You'll connect with your most authentic self and discover what makes you unique.

In addition to getting really clear on WHAT and WHY, you'll also discover the simple directional activities you need to take right now to get the results you want.

You'll learn how to live from a place of authentic truth and change the way the world receives you.

We will guide you through a series of workshops that will have you ready to take on the world, and live the life you always dreamed of. BUT YOU WILL DO ALL THE WORK, FRIEND. 

You'll give time to carefully consider new ways of achieving your dreams, and you'll spend time learning new patterns for success, once you have clearly defined your goals. Did you catch that? You're going to bust past all the obstacles that have stopped you in the past. No more excuses, bruh. 

You'll begin living your life in alignment with your purpose, and you'll feel more clarity and peace than you've ever experienced before. 

The entire weekend is designed to be a progression, so attendance at all sessions is almost mandatory to complete the full transformation process. Some Transformation Weekends are INTENSIVE: meaning, they are 1-2 days long. Other ones are IMMERSIVE: meaning they are 2-3 days long. Choose the one that fits your schedule best, but we recommend the 2-3 day programs for maximum results.


"In January, I started working with Erin, attending a Transformation Weekend, and then joining Achievement Club. In the short time since here is what I have made happen: I read all 6 books on my non-fiction reading list. I left my full time job and am a full time filmmaker. I now have a daily practice of meditation, affirmation, visualization and journalling. I created a list of 102 big things I want to do in the next 10 years and checked off 11 of those things already. Erin has helped my find the courage to radically and boldly change my life in a very short period of time. I will forever be grateful to her."

Jillian Lee
Documentary FilmMaker

"The impact that Transformation Weekend with Erin Skye Kelly has had on my life is indescribable. I mean, I can't even recognize myself as the same person I was prior to that experience. It wasn't just a weekend listening to some speeches or anything- it was deep diving into the core of who you are as a human and forgiving your past and raising you up and opening your eyes to who could be as you make fundamental shifts in every aspect of your life. I am thriving in life, I am happy all the time, I am positive, I belly laugh, I have true connections, I live in my own skin and have a plan for my future."

Kimberly Conran
ICF Holistic Life and Relationship Coach

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