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I understand that I am fully responsible for my own results in life. I agree to push myself out of my comfort zone. To take risks. To practice as much as possible. To train like an athlete when appropriate and to rest when appropriate. To help others with a giant heart, but not at the expense of my own goals or self care. To manage my time and energy efficiently. And to jump in with both feet to grow to my maximum potential. I agree to let Erin Skye Kelly promote me, use my brilliant face and words on the internet and tell people how awesome she thinks I am. I am ready to work.

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Achievement Club Membership

You'll have direct access to Erin Skye Kelly and her team of leaders. They are currently on tour with the world's most successful goal-crushers, including Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis! 

What you'll get:

  • weekly zoom calls with Erin Skye Kelly or other leaders to help you move toward your dreams
  • extra courses and classes on finances, relationships, wellness/fitness,  and more
  • a fully supportive community of encouraging people who are also working toward their individual goals. Cheer them on and encourage them as they will do the same for you!

In Achievement Club, we have a saying "I am entirely responsible for my own results in life." We believe that to our core! But we also know that doing anything worthwhile is always easier in a community of like-minded people.