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The 'must-have' reference guide to start those deep discussions with your love.

Most of us weren't raised to talk about certain subjects, and yet we are craving deeper intimacy and connection in our relationships! It can be frustrating when you are up against the same money fights in your relationship over and over and over. 

(and over.)

This list of discussion questions is only for partners who are truly ready to create safe spaces for the people they love. It will act as a guideline to help you truly understand each other and grow greater compassion and intimacy in your relationship.

Are you ready to create more intimacy and connection with your person?

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Download the Couples Communication Guideline Questions if you are prepared to:

  • Develop a greater understand of your partner's history and experience with money, finances, debt and more
  • Truly listen and seek to understand with compassion and be seen and heard as well
  • Create a safe environment for you and your partner to be who you are, as you are today while you work to manage your finances and your lives together

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I'm so happy you are open to creating more love and compassion in your relationship. I've been working with couples and singles for years in the Get The Hell Out Of Debt program, and the couples that manage to become debt-free and stay debt-free are the ones who work together with grace, compassion and who choose to believe their partner always has their best interest at heart. 

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