I Want To See Your Beautiful Face.


The last couple of years were ROUGH, so let's celebrate a new beginning together.  I'll bring upbeat energy and unbridled enthusiasm in your story and success, you bring an open mind and a commitment to change. Deal?

Transformation Weekend

January 1st & 2nd, 2022

A weekend of goal-setting and so much more!
From the comfort of your home, join us for a personalized transformative weekend, packed full of strategies and how-to's that will get you moving towards a life of success, joy, openness, love and happiness.
Erin will help you understand how to effectively and gracefully set goals in a season that might feel uncertain, so you can start 2022 off on the right foot!
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Transformation Weekend

January 1st and 2nd, 2022


During your personalized Transformation Weekend, you'll spend time removing old obstacles and fears, determining your life's purpose, and moving toward a life of success, joy, openness, love and happiness.
From the comfort of your pajamas, we will spend more time going over strategies to manage your mental, emotional and physical health.
Erin will help you understand how to effectively and gracefully set goals in a season that is not meant to be go-go-go and more be-be-be. We will spend less time on the 'doing' this year, and more on the 'being.' You'll be creating a custom plan for yourself that involves all kinds of scenarios so when things in your state or province change, you won't feel like you are reacting. You'll be living and loving at the highest level. No matter the circumstances. No matter what life throws at you.
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Transformation Weekend is for you IF:

  • you have $ in your budget to make it work
  • you can devote both Saturday January 1st and Sunday January 2nd to give yourself an incredible gift of time, self-care, clarity and transformation
  • you need help understanding and setting goals
  • you want to break lifelong patterns 
  • you are tired of having the same story in your family, your history, your results
  • you are ready to radically change your relationships for the better
You need a journal, a pen, a water bottle and snacks.
You'll need an internet connection and uninterrupted time to spend.
Erin feels honored to be in your living room, your kitchen, your office, your home, so please do not be too concerned if your kids want to peek online or if your cat walks on your keyboard and flashes her butthole.
This is real life. And we want you to know you are loved for you, as you are, with no expectations of perfection.
Come as you are. Wear your pajamas. Be comfortable. But be you.









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Personalized Talks

You can also hire me to speak privately for your event, or I will host a private transformation weekend for your company or community. I also have trained up a group of elite coaches called the “Transformation Weekend Master Trainers” so if my travel schedule is too hectic, you can hire another awesome human to deliver incredible life-changing content to your people.

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